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Why we're Your Best Buds

Higher Limits Cannabis Company was conceived and created specifically to meet the growing needs of cannabis consumers in southwestern Ontario. More specifically, the company was created to fill a gap that the founders saw emerging as the legal cannabis landscape started to unfold in Canada. Throughout the early days of retail store applications and lotteries, the principals of Higher Limits could see that virtually all proposed retail locations were in metropolitan areas, and that smaller communities were receiving little to no attention at all. This left massive gaps in the province, gaps that would require residents of smaller communities to travel, in some cases, over 100 kilometers to gain access to legal cannabis in a brick and mortar retail environment. This was simply unacceptable!

Additionally, many early applicants, and virtually all of the big players, continually tout the “high end” environments they are creating within their stores. Although it is great to walk into a store and be impressed by walls clad in expensive art, custom made furniture, and marble countertops, at Higher Limits we see these extravagant items as unnecessary costs that inevitably will be passed onto consumers.

At Higher Limits we feel strongly that it is our responsibility to help make legal cannabis a successful industry in Canada. We can achieve this by providing consumers with the information they need to make informed decisions about cannabis and cannabis related products, by providing excellent customer service, and by ensuring that the smaller communities of southwestern Ontario have convenient access to retail cannabis locations.


You see it everywhere, we all say it. Here’s what it actually means to us.

It’s not just about having the biggest selection, any retailer can throw their fishing line out and reel in every product available. We take the time to carefully consider everything that we look at stocking. Will our customers enjoy this? Do we think it’s overpriced? Is this up to our standards?

In other words, Best Selection is more about quality than quantity and we pride ourselves on sourcing out the very best for our customers. After all, we’re customers too and we want the best. So why should we treat you any different?


What does #bestprice mean? Is it just a fancy hashtag that everybody uses to grab your attention? Does it mean you're getting the lowest price? Sometimes, yes it does. Does it mean you're getting a fair price? Always!

As local business owners, there are several ways that we could approach our pricing. Here are some of the things our fair pricing model allows us to do as a business.

First and foremost, we can take great care of our employees. Without them, we can't function, and our stores would be lifeless. So, it's important to us to take great care of them. We offer things like:

1. Sick time so staff can stay home without concern about their finances,

2. Benefits to improve our team’s health and quality of life,

3. Education to stay on top of industry changes and products,

4. Staff Appreciation sales to celebrate our team who are the heart of the company, and

5. Bereavement time so our team can have the time they need without concern or worry that it will affect their employment.

First and foremost, we can take great care of our employees. Without them, we can't function, and our stores would be lifeless. So, it's important to us to take great care of them. We offer things like:

1. Store owners are long-time or lifetime residents of the areas we operate in. You can see us out daily in the community supporting local small businesses whenever we can.

2. We always shop local first for supplies that we need to operate, and only resort to large corporations or chains when we can’t find what we need locally.

3. We give back to our local communities when and where we can.

4. We partner with local cannabis advocates and suppliers when and where possible.

As much as we'd like to be the only cannabis retailer on this planet, we can't be, competition is inevitable. We are, however, eyeing Mars for a possible fourth location, stay tuned. We think healthy competition is a great thing and our fair pricing keeps the door open to foster it. That's right, we welcome competition. It pushes us to be even better across the board. Our customers benefit. Everyone wins.

So while "best price" is a phrase you hear 100 times a day, this is what #bestprice means to us. It means we charge enough to take care of our people, to support those who support us, and not a penny more; because having the best price is about more than just dollar signs.

Our Vision

“To fulfill the needs of southwestern Ontario's under-served communities while providing service and education in the cannabis space that is second to none.”

So, how will we achieve this?

We will see our vision unfold by continuing to remind ourselves of the carefully crafted statements that comprise our mission. Statements we have thought hard about, ones that mean a lot to us, not just because of this venture, but because of who we are, and who we want to be.

Our Mission

“The mission of Higher Limits is to meet its vision by steadfastly adhering to the following ideals and values:Always!
  • To provide the highest quality products at competitive prices.

  • To provide exceptional knowledge and service by encouraging and helping our team continuously learn and grow within the cannabis space.

  • To attract passionate and knowledgeable team members by offering competitive wages and excellent benefits, in a relaxed environment that encourages promotion from within wherever possible.

  • To continue to explore and identify underserved communities that should be provided with easier access to legal cannabis.

  • To work closely with the communities in which we operate to ensure that we are viewed as a positive and contributing business with the best interests of the community in mind.

  • To be a leader in environmental stewardship and to keep the sustainability of the environment at the forefront of our decision making.”

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