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Nov 7, 23 – Cannabis Inventory Update!

Friends, its been a minute since our last inventory update, but we have some exciting new items in stock to tell you about! *Please note, THC and Terp %s may differ by lot and location.
  • 1964 – Organic Gelato #41 – Available in 14 grams, we have restocked this incredibly popular cultivar. Coming in at 23.3% THC and 3.1% terps and known for its sweet, herbal aromas, this product is the perfect option for a seasoned consumer who’s looking for a potent, flavourful cultivar. Grown in living soil, hang dried for 14 days, cold cured and non-irradiated.
  • OGEN – Peach Chauffeur #15 – Available in 7 grams and coming in at 28.3% THC with 4.1% terps. A cross of Daily Driver and Wedding Cake, Peach Chauffeur #15 features a sweet, tropical bouquet with a hint of earthiness. Its trichome coating adds a soft silvery sheen to the overall visual of the bud, reminiscent of the soft silvery coating on a perfectly ripe peach.
  • Sensimilia – Quad Cut Indica – Available in Blenheim in 3.5 grams and coming in at 31.4% THC, this Platinum Punch OG is a cross of Platinum Punch Remix and Platinum Kush Mints.
  • Choklit Park – Korean BBQ – Available in Blenheim in 3.5 grams and coming in at 30.2%, Korean BBQ is an indica dominant hybrid strain made by crossing Garlic Sherb and Cactus Breath. This cultivar expresses a natural foxtail structure, with medium to dark green flowers and deep purple hues, masked by a dense coat of trichomes.
  • Potluck – Fruit Collection Ounce – Featuring 4 different Potluck quarters (Orange Layer Cake, Pineapple Express, Banana Cream and Frosted Cherry), these cultivar ranges in THC from 22.9% to 25.8%. Available in limited quantities.
  • SHRED – Rainbow Ounce – Currently available in Blenheim, this one features the 4 OG Shred quarters (Tropic Thunder, Funk Master, Gnarberry, and Dessert Storm) and is coming in with THC ranging from 20.2% to 24.1%. A great way to get a mix of SHRED at a great price!
  • 3Saints – Crumbled Lime – Available in 3.5 grams, and coming in at 29.1% THC with 2.6% terps, this bright cultivar is the result of crossing Citron CKS x Biker Kush. With a deliciously sweet and citrusy lemon-lime flavour that gradually turns into a sour lime as you take more hits, Crumbled Lime is a force to be reckoned with.

 Plenty of other restocks this week, check with your local budtender for other updates. Also, if you happen to order any of the above through the website (or any other item through the website), please take a minute to leave a review of the product. Your first review will get you a 10% promo code (via email) that you can use on your next online purchase!



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